Good things take time.

Do you want to be a movie star? We live in the world of the SPECTACULAR… overnight success, lottery wins, love at first sight… the list goes on.

I once read this great quote by some anonymous guy that said…”tropical cyclones get far more attention than summer showers but they do a lot less good.”

This reminds me that “life” is a “craft;” that we are a rough lump of clay that is being molded and shaped into a great masterpiece; that each of us is a work in progress.

Craft by its very nature is a slow and delicate process full of much love, persistence attention, learning and a fear amount of pain. It is the attention to detail that separates a simple work of art from a magnificent masterpiece…

You could simplify this blog to 4 simple words… “Good things take time.


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4 thoughts on “Good things take time.

  1. I met u today not by chance but by a divine intervention! It was a pleasure. I appreciate ur blog today. It stands as my quote this semester, “good things take time” cuz this schooling is taking some time and kicking my butt in the same essence. I look forward to reading more of ur daily thoughts. Cheers!

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