Daily Archives: January 7, 2010

Make the homeless smile…

(Con’d from yesterday)

So I am counting out my small change (shame on me) when I felt a little voice somewhere inside me say… “don’t be a tightwad… give him your twenty.”

Now I would usually recommend buying food for the homeless rather than giving them money; in this way you can be certain that you are fulfilling one of their primary needs… food. However, I have known Ryan for two or three weeks now and he is not simply a homeless person, he’s my friend. I know a lot about him and he knows a lot about me, so I opened up my wallet and I gave him a twenty dollar bill… you would have thought he’s died and gone to heaven. He couldn’t stop grinning, I told him that he wouldn’t have to beg for his food today, that he could just relax and do whatever he wants.

Ryan needs food, he needs a roof over his head, and he also needs money, but he will always be scrounging in the gutter for these things if we don’t give him and people like him are far more important commody… dignity.