Kicking out the homeless

I have been working from a very plush coffee shop in Beverly Hills. On the way back from lunch I passed a young guy sitting on the concrete who mumbled something about a cigarette. I don’t smoke but he said that he was hungry so I went to McDonalds and bought him lunch. Ryan was extremely grateful, he even offered to reimburse me…

Unfortunately later that afternoon Ryan, whilst in the car-park made the fatal mistake of asking a coffee shop patron for a cigarette. This patron complained to the staff in the shop and they called the police.

Tomorrow I shall find Ryan and he shall eat with me in that coffee shop, and he will eat the most expensive item on the menu and drink as much coffee as he desires.

4 thoughts on “Kicking out the homeless

  1. Yeah the police are available to shift an ‘annoying’ street person at a moments notice, guess there is just no other work for them in the BIG city.

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