Daily Archives: November 5, 2009

The weeks award goes to…

Today’s blog is dedicated to our “Independent Artist of the WeeK” singer/song writer Ashlee Morton. Check out her incredible voice and wonderfully spun lyrics on Ashlee’s Myspace¬†and sit back and relax into the afternoon.

Ashlee Morton

Independent artists like Ashlee live for days like today… after months of hardwork(working two jobs) and much sacrifice her music has finally come alive. I so love her first track… “Don’t grow cold”, her voice is haunting and it sounds like it comes from heaven. It could so easily be a cover for a film soundtrack… race you to it.

Awhile ago Ashlee confided in me that she sometimes considered giving up music (it’s a hard and frustrating road at times) and taking up nursing… so glad she stayed in the studio. What do you think?