Daily Archives: October 28, 2009

Jesus, Johnny Cash & You

If you want to have a fulfilling life the most important question you can ask yourself is…”What do I have to offer and who needs it most?”

Johnny Cash asked himself this question… music was his answer and then he went and sang in prisons. Jesus Christ hung out with the prostitutes, drunks, beggars and extortionist… he said it was the sick who needed a doctor not the healthy.

If you are good with money, why help rich people get richer? Why not help poor people to use what they have and build a life?

If you are writing a blog that offers inspiration… maybe you should design it for people who are depressed, rather than concentrate on people who are already inspired.

Why be friends with the most popular kid in school (or on twitter) when there are loads of kids out there who could desperately do with another friend?

What do you have to offer and who needs it most?