The Secret To Dancing Will Change Your Life

A very famous modern dance teacher was once asked the secret behind her dancing.

She replied, “the secret to dancing is that it’s about everything except dancing.”

The moment you concentrate on “technique” you lose sight of the very reason you loved dancing in the first place. Dancing is about emotion, passion, expression… LIFE.

The secret to doing anything successfully is to make it about everything else.

The moment we let everything that was, everything that is and everything that still is to come course through our veins… we win.

We cannot protect ourselves from the past, but we can grab a hold of it, we can own it, we can let it work for us; we can turn even our mourning into dancing.

secret to dancing
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8 thoughts on “The Secret To Dancing Will Change Your Life

  1. Geoff, you make a great point here and you’re absolutely right.

    When I write, the thing I think about the least is what kind of technique I will use. I think about what kind of mark I want to leave on the reader.

    Whether it be the dancer, the film maker or the business man, each wants to leave a mark on his/her profession that is a lasting and emotional one. When they each look back at their achievements, they want to say that they made people feel.

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