Daily Archives: October 6, 2009

Acting homeless

It’s four months since I have shaved and over year since I had a decent haircut; in every respect (apart from perhaps smell) I look like a gentleman from the streets. People definitely make assumptions based on my personal appearance, in a lot of cases these assumptions seem to form a cardboard cutout stereotype of a homeless bum.

For a long time now I have fought the urge to explain myself; I don’t always win. I have to tell them that “I am not really homeless, I am an actor and a filmmaker, this beard that I am growing, this journey that I’m on, it’s all just part of the role.”

I want them to know that I there is more to me than meets the eye, that I have past and that I have a future, that I have gifts and talents that they don’t know about. I want them to see that there is more to me than they first assume.

I guess the wonderful people who have unfortunately ended up living on the streets often feel exactly the same.