Monthly Archives: July 2009

Dream it.

A British friend recently very kindly asked me this question, “what are you going to do when you run out money?” My reply was simply “I guess I’ll just keep on going, I’ve run out six times already.”

It feels like something miraculous is afoot, just when I am ready to give up and go back to New Zealand something amazing happens. It’s like life is telling that although I’m doing a difficult thing, I’m doing the right thing.

It’s very exciting; I sense that very good things are about to happen and the possibilities are endless. I am certain that in the next few weeks I will be announcing some incredible news in regards to Lucky & Rich.

Whatever your dream… find it, follow it, believe in it.

Listening is pitching

The best way to learn to tell a story is to listen while you are telling it. Contrary to what you might think listening does not just involve your ears… it involves your whole being. The very first time I pitched our film ” Lucky & Rich” to the Czech film commission in Prague I did a very bad job of telling the story. It was far too long and to be honest I stuttered a little, but I managed to do one thing right, while I was talking I listened.

I was listening when I said “3 legged dog called Scrap” and I was surprised when my audience laughed. I am a very intuitive writer and Scrap simply was how he was, and up until that moment I had no idea that he would be so interesting to my audience. By listening I found out what was good and engaging about my story.

Taking out the garbage

I have recently been given a promotion… now I get to take out the garbage.

Did you know that New York city with the broken pane policy significantly decreased the rate of violent crime by picking up all rubbish, painting over the graffiti and fixing all the broken windows?

Recently in LA, my technology partner en2go has been through some challenging times and I have seen fit to promote myself to cleaner/garbage man. I say promote because to do the worst/most basic/ most demeaning job for a person or an organization is the best possible way of saying I believe totally and completely in you. By humbling yourself you give others value.

Christ himself said, after washing his friends manky, dirty calloused feet… “whoever wants to be the greatest should first be the least”. What would happen to the morale of any organization if the CEO started taking out the trash?

What pisses me off…

I am writing this blog and I am burning with late night rage; it’s safe to say that things in LA haven’t been a bed of roses and I am not sure how much longer I will stay. If there is one thing that really pisses me off it’s a kind of arrogance that I have recently become a victim of.

Some of you will be aware that I am living the life of a homeless vagrant; having been clean cut most my life I now have long hair and a full beard. I also have very little (now zero) money, I want to understand the truth of my characters life, I want the authentic experience. What riles me right now is that certain people assume that because of my “appearance” I have no talent and that I am in some ways a lesser human being. Their prejudice and superior attitudes are “obvious” for everyone to see… if they just stopped for one second and listened then they would understand.

So I guess I’m having the genuine experience.

111 Tripods want to be movie stars

The open casting call for a 3 legged dog to star in our movie Lucky & Rich finally closed on Friday night and ironically we have been left with 111 of the finest 3 legged dogs from all around the world. I say ironically because that number includes 3 ‘1’s. So far over 18 000 people have voted; voting remains open until July 31st so please get voting.

This week I am going to talk to a number of Pet companies in regards to corporate sponsorship and I am also hoping to talk to Animal Planet and any other interested parties in regards to hosting the next phase of casting… an online internet show called 3 legged dog Idol. If you know anyone within any of these organizations then please contact me at

You would also be doing me a big favor by encouraging your friends to hit this site and vote for their favorite dog. You can tell them about it by email, via twitter, facebook, myspace or by writing about it in your blog.

Talk soon

Crossing the Great Divide

There is a great divide that exists between the real and the imagined; your dreams and your reality. Imagining is an easy and beautiful thing, you can become a hero in under a minute. It’s only when you thrust your imaginings out into this very real world do you discover their (and your) imperfections…

Because the imaginative reality completely belongs to you, the way you see it is the way it happens. Unfortunately “reality” is full of people; and it contains problems, obstacles and your dream can be pushed, pulled and twisted almost beyond recognition.

My stories live very strongly in my imagination but I have to remember that they only become flesh when they are thrown out into this reality. If you want to do anything significant you cannot live with in the safety of your dreams… you must cross the great divide and enter reality.

Business is a playground game

The regular readers of this blog will remember that about two weeks ago I was asked to “leave the building.”

It may amuse you to know that today I have been sitting in the CEO’s chair in the office from which I was evicted. It may also amuse you to know that the chairman of the board just asked me if I would like coffee and has gone to Starbucks to collect for me. Of course I am just sitting in this chair and I still have only $10 in my pocket but this life is full of much learning and huge possibilities.

Unless you let go of your security it is very difficult to grab a hold of new opportunities. At the moment I have at least five or six opportunities that could land in my very open hands. And so I lean back in this very comfortable chair and I wait to see what will happen next.