Daily Archives: July 22, 2009

Taking out the garbage

I have recently been given a promotion… now I get to take out the garbage.

Did you know that New York city with the broken pane policy significantly decreased the rate of violent crime by picking up all rubbish, painting over the graffiti and fixing all the broken windows?

Recently in LA, my technology partner en2go has been through some challenging times and I have seen fit to promote myself to cleaner/garbage man. I say promote because to do the worst/most basic/ most demeaning job for a person or an organization is the best possible way of saying I believe totally and completely in you. By humbling yourself you give others value.

Christ himself said, after washing his friends manky, dirty calloused feet… “whoever wants to be the greatest should first be the least”. What would happen to the morale of any organization if the CEO started taking out the trash?