Daily Archives: July 12, 2009

The criminal in a suit

Dear Geoff,

I am writing specifically to your good self today because I want to stress the importance of persistence and perseverance. These two character traits are far more valuable than gold; without them any special talents or gifts you may have are utterly worthless. Celebrating those gifts without developing any underlying character would be like dressing up a hardened criminal up in an Armani suit. He may look and smell like a suave businessman but underneath the suit he is still a criminal.

I know you are impatient for success; I understand that you are sick of waiting but I am taking my time. For sculpting a great masterpiece is a delicate, time consuming and painful process, for which there are no shortcuts. It may surprise you but I am not so interested in the Armani suit; I am far more interested in the criminal underneath…

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