Daily Archives: June 26, 2009

Post 140

Dear Diary,

Today is June 26th, 2009, it’s 10:02 AM and I am sitting in a lonely office in Burbank staring at a blank white wall contemplating the loss of the fallen King of Pop.

Today is blog post 140, I have not missed a day of writing these 7 sentences although at times I have sorely been tempted.

Today I have a meeting with Adam from en2go, the king of geeks but not yet fallen with whom I shall discuss the formation of my online film village.

Today I am amazed to find out that the LAPD have a 3-legged search and rescue dog called “Serpico” who wants to be in my movie.

Today I received an email from my father, I was so pleased to receive it that now I am wondering if I am indeed missing home.

Today I am reeling from the shock that my friend Dan may indeed be right and that 90% of women may actually prefer a clean shaven man (Argue with Dan) PLEASE!

Today I will try my best not to contemplate the future for it is to unknown for me to consider.