Daily Archives: June 20, 2009

Lucky & Rich Update

A quick update on our film Lucky & Rich and how it is all developing…

I have just finished the second draft under the direction of Tomas Krejci, the Executive Producer for “Milk & Honey Films” an LA based Czech Production company.

The worldwide hunt for Scrap, the canine mutt and co-star in our movie continues and so far we have had 85 contenders from all around the world.

As part of finding the right “3 legged canine” we are start a very novel Live Global Internet TV show called “3-legged dog Idol.” We are partnering with Digital stream and en2go, two cutting edge video platform providers.

We are looking for a partner in Pet Industry to come on-board and help with very fun and exciting campaign that has sparked the interest of dog lovers from all around the globe.

These are exciting, stretching times and I so appreciate all your support; thank you so much.