Daily Archives: April 30, 2009

A love poem to Scrap

Well the hunt for the 3-legged dog to star in our film has intensified even further today and photo’s of dogs of all shapes and sizes are beginning to flood my inbox at help.find.scrap@gmail.com

I want to share with you a silly little poem that Rich, our main character drunkenly sang for his canine love on the streets of Prague last night.

you make my heart sing
you make everything

you’re the light, that’s in my life
so much better than a bitchy wife
you are… groovy

my love, without your leg
you warm my heart
you warm my bed
you are… groovy

So you can see that Scrap means a hell of a lot to Rich and so it’s vitally important that we all try and find him.

Now Scrap has his own blog page and you can find details on our three legged friend and view current casting photos by clicking on…


This is fun… now we are making a film together.