Daily Archives: April 28, 2009

Does anyone own a 3 legged dog?

For Lucky & Rich one of the key casting elements involves a worldwide search to find a suitable three legged dog to play Scrap. Scrap is owned by Rich, a homeless New Zealand bum; these two inseparable amigos have been wandering aimlessly across Europe for the past four years.

In my mind Scrap has short hair, kind of gray, thin and with big brown eyes and a long snout; he doesn’t have an eating disorder, he eats all sorts of crap, so anorexic three legged actor dogs need not apply. Possibly he is a Greyhound, Weimaraner, Whippet type cross and he is most definitely a boy dog.

If you know of such an animal and would like to make him a movie star… please, please, please let me know. He would be well looked after in every sense of the word and under constant 24 hour Veterinary supervision.

Speaking of which if you have a four legged dog that fit’s this description and you would like to “slow him down a bit” as a Veterinary surgeon that is something I could also easily arrange.

P:S: Animal lovers in the last sentence I was…joking.