Daily Archives: April 17, 2009

Wrong bus in the wrong direction

Metaphorically speaking have you ever felt like you are sitting on the wrong bus and going in the wrong direction?

I have, only it wasn’t just metaphoric; yesterday and I found myself sitting on the wrong bus and heading in the wrong direction and worst of all I had an important meeting to go to.

I was meant to be meeting with a very talented Czech actress and pop artist who I think is absolutely perfect for playing “Lucky” in our Prague film. The meeting was unfortunately postponed after the bus driver confirmed to me that in LA they don’t do special deliveries… they actually have to stop at the stops or something crazy like that.

My friends tell me that everything happens for a reason; which is definately true because I can confirm the “reason” I didn’t make the meeting yesterday was because I hopped on the wrong bus and the “reason” I hopped on the wrong bus is that I clearly didn’t know where I was going.

So just to get deeply philosophical do “events” happen to us for a reason or as a simple cause and effect consequence, and if things happen for a reason whose deciding on this reason?

Of course I’m thinking way too deeply and way too simply, it could be neither reason nor consequence (random) or it could be both?

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