Daily Archives: April 14, 2009

The re-imagining process…

Ever come across a problem you can’t solve? When writing screenplays I often spend more time walking around the neighbourhood trying to solve the unsolvable than I do actually writing. When there is a problem in the creative process it can literally drive you crazy… here is something that helps me; it may work for any problem?

I read some great advice in a terrific book by Judith Weston called “The Filmmakers Intuition.” Judith warns against trying to fix a problem because it turns a creative process into a mechanical one; her belief is that you should go back to square one and re-imagine.¬†

I think of re-imagining as going back to the start and trying to look for as many “options” as possible. I imagine that it is best not to look for a right or wrong answer but to¬†simply enjoy exploring the possibilities… until you make a decision it”s all imaginary anyway.