101 ways to skin a cat…

My Grandfather used to say “there are 101 ways you can skin a cat?” In anatomy class at Veterinary School I had the good fortune to discover that this statement is not just metaphoric… it’s actually, literally true.

Of course the metaphoric truth is far more transcendent and powerful than the literal truth (especially for the cat)… there are 101 (infinite) ways to do just about any task that is set before you. Advice worth remembering when you have a “superior eye” standing behind you demanding that you complete the task their way and not yours.

I am constantly reminded that there are 101 ways you can make a film, in fact if you can find a new and successful way of doing anything you will grab a lot of attention. Metaphorically I imagine I am on a beach covered in rocks, under one of those rocks someone has placed a key, there is only one way to find the key, I must start at one end of the beach and turn over every rock.

My Grandmother used to say “when there is a will there’s a way.” Whatever you want to do in life, if you keep the outcome firmly in mind, you will find yourself turning over rocks until eventually you find your way.

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