Daily Archives: April 2, 2009

The American Prostitute…

She stands on every corner lit up by a back drop of iridescent lights, she is easily affordable, offers instant gratification and yet is rarely satisfying; I am of course talking about the American Hamburger. Well known for my dietary discipline I must confess that in recent days I have fallen from the wagon and have been sleeping regularly with this American Fast Food Prostitute.

I have fallen headlong into a deep well of saturated fat and I have come out covered in grease. This morning when I prayed “lead me not into temptation” I was thinking specifically of those hot buns, that succulent chunk of beef, smothered in melted cheese…. mmm please help me Jesus.

Actually I awoke with renewed enthusiam today, I awoke with a strange sense that some truly good things are going to happen today. I have no logical reason for believing this, just a strong internal sense that good things might be coming my way.

Of course I could be wrong, it may not be the voice of providence but simply the large amount of grease that is clogging my brain.