Daily Archives: March 20, 2009

LA Confidential

Oh the wonders of jet lag… it’s 2am and I’m lying stretched out across a super king size in a super cheap motel one mile out from California’s LAX. The motel phone just rang robbing my frizzled brain of restless sleep and although I was half expecting to hear the voice of some sleazed up Mexican it turned out to be my old buddy Kelvin, my Kiwi/Californian contact. Kelvin’s going to pick me up at 6am and drive me out to his friends digs in Hollywood where I can┬árest my heavy head for the weekend.

Is it good news when the ex-wife of one of the biggest Producers in Hollywood reads your script and says that it’s hysterical and wants to meet you as soon as you arrive in town? Who knows; only one way to find out, gotta contact that broad, gotta dial her number.

The exchange rate here is poor and the cash in my pocket is only going to last me so long. But I’m living according to a different kind of providence and although I ain’t sleeping I’m faithfully following my dreams…