Daily Archives: March 14, 2009

Unforgiveness continues…

It is imperative for an artist to know and understand his audience…  to really communicate is to really understand and to understand is to really “know” a person or group of people.

As such you and your beliefs on this topic  are fascinating to me in both their diversity and in their honesty; they are mischeiviously working their way into the characters in my  screenplay… Thank you… please keep commenting.

I’m going to refine the questions a little; I’m going to make them a little more specific… feel free to answer generally but try to keep it honest & personal.

Think of the person in your life who has caused you the most pain; what was/is your relationship to this person?  (Partner/workmate/politician/hero/financial/
parent/business/employer/child… )

What was their crime against you? (Big, small, a single event or over a period of time… again no right answers here just real ones)

Given you can’t go back in time and undo the crime… is there anything that would make you feel better about the whole sorry event?

Tomorrow it is my turn…