Daily Archives: March 13, 2009

What is unforgivable…

Think of a crime that is unforgivable?

What could happen to you or someone you love that you wouldn’t forgive?

Do you believe in forgiveness at all?

People have vastly different opinions on this subject; and I’m not going to tell you that yours is right or wrong, I’m just interested in knowing what you think.

In my imagination I sometimes involuntarily become the victim of certain crimes (whilst reading the newspaper) and I feel a strong sense of revenge rise up inside of me. In life, I tend to find the smaller things, the constantly irritating minor offenses more difficult to forgive than the major screw ups inflicted upon my mortal soul.

Our film “Lucky & Rich” places the question of forgiveness as it central theme; as I begin to write the second draft I’m asking you to help by simply giving me your opinion… what is unforgivable?

P:S: There are no right or wrong answers, only real ones. Please keep your comments to no more than 7 sentences… it’s an equal world.