Daily Archives: March 8, 2009

So what’s funny…

I have noticed that humor is nearly always based  in situations where the expected does not occur; when someone says or does something that is contextually inappropriate… examples…

During the week I was prostituting myself in a Veterinary clinic (working for money and not pleasure) when a very posh man bought in his beloved tom cat to be castrated and to have his teeth polished. The irreverence in me could not help but wonder what would happen if I  confused these two simple procedures, ” look sir, I’ve pulled out his teeth and I’ve polished his balls…”

In creating funny characters for the screen it is nearly always the soul who is crap at his job that brings us the most joy and humor.

In life, I was once an expert witness in an animal cruelty trial where the opposing lawyer suffered from a particularly nasty speech impediment; his stutter became even more pronounced when he preceded to read to the court a very long and complex Veterinary report. When he said “orr…rrrgasm” instead of organism he bought a jury full of young pretty ladies to their knees.”

It’s our clumsy moments, our socially awkward indiscretions, the moments that make us blush, the mistakes that we would rather forget… these are the things that offer great joy and attempt to add color to our days; they remind us that we are not in control but that we are truly living and truly alive… embrace them.