Two Jobs

Having two jobs while chasing a big dream is a dilemma that faces many artists, many actors and writers have worked in coffee shops, telemarketing, restaurants or supermarkets as they fight to survive and do what they love in life. I have a second job that is strange and fascinating to many people…

I am a Veterinary surgeon. Today I travel to Godalming in Surrey to shake hands with the dogs and get scratched by all the cats in one of the poshest parts of England.

Although the work of a vet is a good thing… I am sick and tired of dividing myself in half and having two jobs.

In truth, I must confess that I am losing my heart for it and lately I’ve had trouble telling the front end of a dog from the back, but as with people with some dogs it can be extremely difficult to tell.

I must remember that my second job is a truly great blessing and a wonderful source of inspiration and creativity, crazy and fascinating people walk into my consult room everyday. Whatever your second job, I believe you are doing it for a reason; squeeze every possible drop of learning and creative juice out of it today.

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