Daily Archives: February 17, 2009

Tattoo Mistakes

No earth shattering news on the film making front, so this blogger is forced to diversify and talk about life and creativity.

Mistakes are what make life memorable, they are like tatoo’s on the soul

What is it in life that makes something truly memorable, entertaining or funny? When we learn a great lesson in life, it’s often not from doing the right thing. It’s the truly unexpected, spontaneously irreverent moments that give our lives great flavor.

If I were to tell you that several years ago, whilst making a speech at a friends wedding I stepped backwards and knocked over their three tiered wedding cake… you would remember that about me. In fact if you were at the wedding, even if you had been to a thousand weddings, that wedding would be one that would stand out like a shining beacon in your memory. In fact you may not even remember what the bride was wearing… but you would remember me

So often we are tempted to hide, or feel ashamed of our social errors and cultural mistakes. But they bring great joy, colors and learning to lives.

Embrace your mistakes.