Daily Archives: February 12, 2009

Everyone is Equal

It’s so easy to forget yourself when you go into a meeting or just plain bang into a person you consider more important than yourself. It’s really easy to make them into some kind of Supreme Being, someone who is bigger than Jesus. I have such a meeting today.

Nelson Mandela said of his time in prison that one of the best things he learned was how extraordinary people all looked the same (very ordinary )when they weren’t wearing any clothes. Some one else (It may also have been Nelson) said all men have to pee at the same urinal.

I find it easy to give other people more credit and worth than they deserve and pay them too much respect. I find it easy to forget myself. We all have different skills and unique abilities, we each have our own intrinsic values as human beings. I guess not forgetting yourself is about maintaining your dignity.

Of-course we live in a world of celebrity… but that is a whole other story.

Today I am meeting with a man who has a lot of money; he could help me make my films. It’s easy to wet myself and see him as extraordinary and lose sight of my vision and forget that I have a right to negotiate. I pray that in spite of myself this doesn’t happen.

Because when we meet at lunchtime today at the Little Angel Tavern at a place called Henley on Thames we will both pee at the same urinal. I am ordinary and so is he.