I’ve made friends with fear…

Today’s Guest Post is from Lovelyn Bettison an author, artist, and life coach who helps people reclaim their dreams and conquer their fears. Go to her website to get your free copy of A Dreamer’s Manifesto and take the first step toward living your dreams.


For far too long I let fear stop me from living my life to it’s fullest. I let fear hold me back and constrict herself around me like a snake. I blamed her for my failings complaining daily as I cowered in the corner.

No more.

Now I gather my strength and run toward fear with lungs burning and my eyes wide open ready to find the secrets she’ll tell me. I take her hand and let her lead me into the unknown knowing that the brightest light lies on the other side of the darkness.

No longer an enemy, fear has become my truest friend because she guides me to life’s greatest gifts.


write without thinking


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Why it is better to be an old shoe

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog


Whatever your business, it is tempting to always want to be the newest shoe on the shelf. But a new shoe is unproven, sure it looks good but it hasn’t walked any miles yet, it hasn’t been tested. What good is a new shoe if it falls apart in less than a week?

That’s why it is better to be that tried and tested, loyal, faithful, resilient, comfortable old shoe that no one ever wants to throw out.

This reminds me that trust is a process and when we glam things up and try and reinvent ourselves or our brand, we may create some buzz and excitement but there is a trade-off, excitement for trust, certainty for uncertainty, loyalty for fickleness.

Whatever you decide to do, never throw out that old shoe, it tells of a durable kind of story that testifies to both your resilience and your reliability.

If you want to find out we can help you “remain old shoe” and yet still sit proudly on the cutting edge of technology then make an appointment to have a free and friendly convo here.


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She is lying to you…

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

The broken system lies.

The broken system lies when she tells you to get in line, follow orders, and to remain inside that small cubicle called your “job description.”

The broken system lies when she tells you that this is as good as it will ever get.

The broken system lies because there is a magnificent new world out there waiting for those who are brave enough to let go of the comfort of the status quo and step outside the system.

The broken system lies because she was built on the compliance of her workers and the entrepreneurship of only a privileged few.

The broken system lies because death is coming and she is furiously trying to stay alive (through the slowly sucking the life from your soul).

Do not listen to lies of the broken system anymore, there is a whole world out there waiting for you.


the broken system


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An Open Letter to Big Time Bloggers

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Dear Big Time Blogger,

Is there anything more cowardly than silence in the face of injustice?

When innocent people are dying, when people are rioting, when we can clearly see the injustice happening on the screens in our living rooms, when the very fabric of our society is being torn apart, when this giant tear allows us to clearly see into the belly of our nation, when we witness the confusion, the racism, the sickness and the ill-health in both ourselves and our neighbors…

It seems as though at times like this, we are prone to doing 1 of 3 things,

  • we minimize the problem, pulling together the edges of the fabric, closing the wound, without attempting to remove the cancer lying deep in our abdomen,
  • we talk about something unrelated, continuing to write about “intentional leadership” or finding “art in our work” as many people with significant platforms appear to have done in the past few months,
  • we remain emasculated and silent, afraid of saying anything at all.

To say NOTHING, to do nothing, for me this is almost beyond reproach.

Shamefully, the blood of the saints must be crying out from the grave, “say something, do something, it’s your turn, be the change you want to see in the world.”

True leadership is costly, yes, and if you are blogger of influence with a platform, speaking up may cause you to lose thousands upon thousands of blog subscribers, but the very fact that you refuse to speak up… this absolutely must mean that your work is not for us, but rather for yourself —  simply a money making device for selling books on leadership or online programs about doing work that matters.

Do what ever you want BUT please don’t tell me that you actually want to change the world (intentionally lead us) when your lips remain fully closed in the face of such injustice.


write without thinking


2015 Copyright Seven Sentences – Big Time Bloggers

The most exciting time of your life is just around the corner

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog


There is something wonderful inside of you.

It may manifest itself as a desire for legacy, a need for significance, or simply a frustration with the status quo.

Do you feel it?

That strong desire to influence, to share, to teach, or to gather likeminded others and build change into your industry or into the fabric of our society.

It is wrong to ignore such a passion, because if you do in many ways, you are turning your back on one of the greatest, most exciting opportunities of your life.

I have to personally tell you, there is nothing more exciting than coming fully alive and giving yourself to the world in an abundantly generous way — it is the very reason that I write this blog.

If this message resonates with you, then I would love to talk with you about Thought Leadership and blogging… email me here.


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Boredom is symptom —> This is the cure

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Boredom is not a disease, apathy is not your affliction and procrastination is not your curse… no, these things are simply symptoms of a deeper underlying problem.

What is the problem?

The problem is that you have moved away from “what matters most.

Discovering, finding and then leading likeminded others to also discover what matters most, is the primary goal of every Thought Leader.

Dear Reader, what matters most for you?

To often, we get sidetracked by our jobs, our family obligations, our desire for significance and we loose touch with that precious thing that matters most to us, the thing that will lead us enthusiastically through life, satisfying our every need.

Drop me an email or leave a comment and tell me what matters to you… I would love to know.


2015 Copyright Seven Sentences – What Matters Most

It’s all about asking the right questions

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

What is it you want?

  • Why are you in business?
  • What kind of future do you want for your family?
  • What sorts of things do you want people to say about you, long after you have shuffled away?

While I often talk about every person having something significant to say with their voice, the only way to find out exactly what this is (for you) is to continue to continually ask questions of yourself.

Too often we ask ourselves an important question once or twice, but then disillusioned by a lack of clarity we refuse to keep asking the same question over and over again until we get an answer.

The only way to find the life you want is to keep looking and to keep asking.


write without thinking


2015 Copyright Seven Sentences – Asking The Right Questions