The truth about me and the past 12-months

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog


Your strength may also be your weakness.

I know this to be true, because for the past 12-months this has been highlighted for me in some very painful ways.

One of my great strengths is that I am extremely tenacious and I am very determined, as a nine-year-old boy, my times for 5,000 meters were world class (even for 12-year-olds), I had the ability to run as fast as I could for a very, very long time.

Until recently, I never saw this as a weakness — my ability to keep going, to ruthlessly hang on, to never give up.

But by never giving up, by stubbornly refusing to relent, I have grown very weak and very tired — my strength has led me towards great weakness, in much the same way as hubris often leads us towards stumbling.

One realizes when they fall in this way, that it was not simply one wrong step that caused them to stumble, but that it was instead their careless gait, a lifelong practice of choosing to walk a certain way, that lead them down a crooked and bumpy path where their stumbling and falling was in fact inevitable.

But such falling is good, because it allows one to see themselves as broken, normal and certainly no better than anyone else, so today I celebrate my weakness AND I look forward to learning to walk a different way.


hubris before falling

Hope Love and Beauty

Today’s Seven Sentence Blog post is from our new regular contributor Mobolaji Olambiwunnu, a cutting edge documentary filmmaker and father to one. Leave him a comment to encourage him on his debut, tell him how you personally find Hope, Love and Beauty.


In world where there seems to be so much wrong, HOPE, LOVE and BEAUTY (HLB) can seem really difficult to find. Recently, I discovered that looking at the micro instead of the macro perspective is often the easiest way to find the HLB in my life.

By increasing the quality of love in my interactions and by focusing on bringing beauty to others with simple gestures of kindness, hope begins to arise.

It is those smiles I get when I buy the drink for the guy behind me at 7 Eleven or if I am really swinging out, I might buy a set of flowers for the woman in the store that looks sad and just give them to her.

I know this may sound silly to some people, but it is amazing how well these random acts of kindness work to brighten someone’s day and my own when I see how easy it is to make people happy.

When I don’t feel like swinging out that far, I just slow down a little and witness the lovely and beautiful things that are happening all around us everyday.

Hope, love and beauty are everywhere, we just have to look beneath the surface of our busy lives sometimes to find them or create them ourselves.


Hope Love and Beauty

Raw beats perfection everytime

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Imagine you have been given the task of performing a eulogy.

You do a perfect job, you never stutter, lose your way, curse or get emotional during your speech. Instead you deliver, the finest piece of oratory ever heard at a funeral.

Or perhaps, instead you are overcome with emotion and you do a terrible job, you lose your way, you break down, perhaps you even beat the coffin with your fists in grief, demanding to know why your friend had been take too soon.

Which speech do you think the funeral goers will connect with more strongly?

Raw and real beats perfection every time.

How often do we take the first approach in other forms of human communication, hoping to do it perfectly, in a manner that is devoid of all our humanity, and then we are left wondering why so few people connected with what it was we had to say.

Raw Beats Perfection Everytime

It’s time to tear their hands from your mouth

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Why are you afraid to speak?

Did someone, somewhere, sometime put their filthy hands over your mouth, did they prevent you from speaking with your authentic voice?

Who do those dirty hands belong to?

Did they belong to a critic, a parental figure, an employer, a lover, your peer group or worse still are they your own dirty hands?


No one has the right to silence you, you have something very significant to say, to add, to give and to share — the success of your very life demands that you throw caution to the wind and… speak.

You may stutter, you may flounder, and you may struggle as you begin, but when you find your voice, when you grab ahold of the unique authority that has only been given to you, then you will soar and you will never look back.

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Don’t shut up!

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Too often we settle for a watered down version of life.

The stress of being and the opinions of others remind us to stay small and to not rock the boat in any way — so, we end up remaining quiet, half-saying what we mean — and something in us begins to shrink and dwindle away.

This is terrible, your life matters, do not allow this happen.

You must not remain silent any longer.

Every person, whether they are big or small, young or old, sinner or saint, healthy or diseased, rich or poor, broken or unbroken: EVERY SINGLE person has
a unique perspective that is valuable to those around them.

You don’t necessarily have to have a serious voice and you don’t have to be an expert either, your role is to simply be you, to give what you have, to say what you see, to add to a conversation that is much worse off without you.

What is it that you wish to say AND why are you not saying it?

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Your Unique Perspective

A new approach to improving your blog

A message from Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog. 


You can make anything better, nothing has to stay the same, you don’t have to wrestle with the same old problems day after day.

Most things grow through relationships; at their best other people have insight, they stretch us, they encourage us, they gift us with a perspective that we do not have (hold this thought).

Recently, many of the Business Owners, Coaches and Thought Leaders that we talk with have confessed that one of their great challenges is to consistently come up with remarkable and engaging blog content that enables them to grow.

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7 Very Important Questions

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog. 

Why are you here?
Do you enjoy your work?
Do you value “relationships” above everything else?
Are you expressing your unique thoughts and opinions on a regular basis?
If you won $20 Million, how would use it to make the world better?
Are you fearful of technology or are using it to hide from real relationships?
Do you feel known by those closest to you?
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7 Very Important Questions
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