Why I’M the Friendliest Guy on Twitter

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Sometime ago, I changed my bio on the social media site Twitter to gratuitously read “My aim is to be the friendliest guy on Twitter.” (see here)

I’ve been asked on podcasts and various interviews why I chose to do this and I realized that I’ve never actually answered the question on The Seven Sentence Blog, so I thought I would today.

  • It’s Authentic – I am originally from New Zealand, a small place at the bottom of the world, where friendliness is a highly valued personal trait.
  • It’s Relational – It gives me permission to actively extend my hand and begin forming relationships which is the sole purpose of social media for me.
  • It’s Remarkable – People talk about it, they ask me questions about it — it’s not boring.


When you think about the social media presence of your brand or your business, I would encourage you to make it authentically remarkable and I would encourage you to not try and be everything in the one space; instead choose a hook or an aspect of your brand that is fascinating.

Think about why one person would tell another person why they “MUST” connect with you in the social space… If you cannot find an easily describable reason then you are not being remarkable enough yet.


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Super Leaders are NOT Super-Human

Todays post is written by Jenn Lofgren the Founder of Incito and a Leadership Coach passionate about developing inspired leaders worth following, check out her offering at the bottom of this post.

Are you feeling the heaviness of a burden from all fronts, are you working all hours to leap tall buildings and save the lives of everyone and everything around you?

Are you owning all the responsibility with no one else to confide in about the truth of your struggles except perhaps your spouse, if they haven’t grown weary of hearing all of this?

Does a cape make you a superhero or a super-human when you can’t sleep at night, constantly distracted with worries about work and not fully present with your family and friends?

The title “leader” is your cape and you’re there in body only, the cape has in fact become a cloak of darkness.

Friend, it is time to look deeply into the darkness where you’ll discover the light of your leadership, your passion, and seemingly with one finger you’ll be able to raise the cloak to allow others in and ask for their help.

Leap, not tall buildings, but instead leap from the darkness into the light, the choice is yours anytime. Super-human and perfect you are not and will never become, but human, genuine, vulnerable, compassionate, boundaried, real, and worth following you can become and will always be.

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The Story of Stumpy – Part 2

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

“If you will remember from yesterday (read here) Stumpy had closed his eyes when the chainsaw started. In fact he did more than close his eyes, he fainted from shock and fell into a deep sleep.

Yesterday’s dreams were not only over, but even the hope of yesterday had also been tore from Stumpy’s heart, for he had seen that sharp axe and he knew that very soon that terrifying blade would swing and he would also be separated from his roots, from the only ground he’d ever known.

Everything he knew off, everything he hoped for, soon would be nothing… in his heart he trembled, as he dreamt of that horrible fire that soon would become his destiny… firewood, that was all he was now… just a hunk of ordinary old firewood.

But Stumpy was wrong, because the old man was not a wood chopper, he was in fact an artist and as Stumpy slept the old man cleaned off the squirrel poo, he brushed away the moss and he took out his chisel and he began to create a masterpiece.

Although Stumpy had been felled and his dream of reaching the heavens had been taken from him, although he had been ripped away from his roots, he wasn’t worthless, rather he was free; free to free, free to be more than a tree, free to be something so very extraordinary.”


If you have failed in your dreams of reaching the heavens, if you feel so very disconnected from your roots, do not despair there is still a masterpiece within you waiting to be discovered (Tweet).

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The Story Of Stumpy

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

“He started out as an ordinary old tree stump called “Stumpy.

You wouldn’t have taken a second look at Stumpy if you passed him in the forest for he appeared completely unremarkable. Covered in moss, pooped on by irreverent squirrels, Stumpy often dreamed of the good ole days when he had branches that almost touched the clouds, he wished that he could grow again and be the tree that he once was… but in his heart he knew that was impossible.

One day, an old man walked through the forest with a large axe and a chainsaw and when Stumpy saw him, he shivered, for he remembered a similar man who had lopped him in half and bought the life that he once knew crashing to the ground.

The old man stopped beside Stumpy, examined him carefully, scraped off some of the squirrel poo and started up his chainsaw. Stumpy closed his eyes, he sealed up his heart for he knew that his greatest nightmare was about to become his reality, soon he would be nothing more than… firewood.”


Do you sometimes get stuck in the past, remembering the glory of yesterday just like Stumpy — there is still hope, tomorrow the story will continue (Tweet).


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This will save you time on Social Media

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Nearly everyone knows that a great social media presence is becoming increasingly critical to the success of your business or career.

But how do you find the time?

This is a critical question for you to ask and you should ask it!

One answer is that you must try and resist feeling the compulsion of needing to be everywhere — summarized as: “the intense feeling of needing to be on every possible social media channel and feeling as though you need to be available to respond in real time ALL the time.”

We often help our clients choose 2-3 social media channels only that best reflect their own communication style and then we help them truly master what it means to build an effective and highly relational presence on those channels.

Secondly, you should think about creating two schedules, a minimum social media schedule for when you are really busy with your core business or on holiday and then a maximum schedule for when business is slow and you have the time to really ramp up your online presence.

Consistency is a critical component to any social media strategy and you cannot be consistent if you are overwhelmed and trying to do too much (Tweet).


P:S: If you want some help creating a social media presence that reflects who you are and does not rob you of your energy, then you can book a 90-minute session with me here, it is literally risk free.


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Wanna take a trip to the Blue Ocean this weekend?

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

What is the Blue Ocean? It is your unique place in life where you fully belong.

The place where you are  100% YOU, fully alive and contributing to the world in your own uniquely remarkable way.

If you want to find your way to the blue ocean then you should watch this video here.

Metaphorically speaking there is nothing better than the blue ocean. It’s why we take trips to see it, it’s why we congregate around it.

So how do you get to your blue ocean, where is the roadmap that will you get there?

In the one minute video below David Brower A.K.A the Sensorial Guy talks about going against the grain and finding your way to the ocean.


Note: Book one of 7 free complimentary coaching sessions with David in September and get nudged towards your blue ocean. Contact him via here.


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Let’s NOT go to a MASQUERADE Party

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

You are a leader.

You may not be a leader in the traditional sense, you may not have a title and you may not have an A-type personality but do not allow that to disqualify you from the role that you are being invited to play.

When I close my eyes, I see you standing there holding a full-face sculptured mask. In my imagination, you are not sure whether to put the mask on OR take the mask off. You should take it off.

The only way for you to lead is to do it your way, unmasked, to lead through weakness, through authenticity and through vulnerability (Tweet)

Will you lead us?


READ this guest article I wrote for the Best Work Now website here.


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